Swiftravel International

Swiftravel International is a travel portal focused on providing customers access to quality accommodation  in India and around the world. Simultaneously, it is the easiest way for exclusive property owners and agents to monetise their Bespoke vacant spaces by showcasing it to the exclusive audience visiting our site.

In addition we are also a one-stop shop for all your travel requirements. Whether you are travelling last minute for business or require exclusive accommodation for your entire family this is the right website for you. Swiftravel also provides you flight tickets to various destinations. If you are a traveller who wants to travel in extreme luxury we have a division that takes care of your charter requirements. We will make sure we outsource the right aircraft for you to take you wherever you want in style.

Swiftravel International focuses on giving our customers kit gloved service for all their travel needs. We have been in the Travel and Hospitality sphere for over 4 decades and what we have learnt is one satisfied customer is what you need to run a successful business in the future. We have exclusive rooms in our inventory world wide to fill the pallet of customers who know luxury travel is not only spending more but being knowledgeable of what is exclusive and available worldwide. We simply believe in the theory that money can buy you luxury but not class.

Swiftravel International is as particular about choosing the right clients as they are about choosing us as their travel partners.
At times we could be a little more expensive than others but its well worth your buck cause exclusivity and bespoke luxury travel comes with a price tag. Our Specialist will make sure that by the end of the year you save on your complete travel spend.

Host your properly and earn dividents:

Sign up your property and become a member of Swift Rooms by giving the necessary details. List a property by uploading photos, naming a price, and setting availability and Standards.

Your customer base is now multiplied a thousand fold. If you could initially contact only a hundred people now your customers will be in hundreds of thousands, so higher rate of occupancy and the right customers for you. Simply wait for our users to book your property and get paid 24 hours after they check in. Once you sign up you get a chance to use our PMS (PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM), you can use our website for white labeling your own website and you can have your own subagents so in turn become a travel partner with us.

Hastle free booking:

Book your Beautiful Property online and if you wish to book a Swift route then just send us your request and we will have our specialist reach you at your convenience.  

Our Services:

  • Swift Accommodations World Wide
  • Bespoke Routes World Wide
  • Air Tickets and Charter Services.
  • Luxury ground transport.
  • Protocol Services - Meet and Assist at the Airports
  • Full Fledged Money Changers Approved by RBI.
  • Travel Insurance
  • International calling cards and numbers.

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